PRBŁM x HeadsUpGuys

The idea for PRBŁM came to me, oddly enough, while I was on a meditation retreat. An intense 10-day retreat without distractions of any kind meant to transform the way you use your mind. Before going on the retreat, I found myself struggling with my mental health and needed guidance. During this time it was hard for me to open up about my struggles to the people around me out of fear of being judged or humiliated. 

Once I returned from my trip excited to start working on PRBŁM, I realized I wanted the brand to do more than just sell great products. I wanted our brand to to do its part in helping men deal with and take care of their mental health. Since PRBŁM's entire brand is based on breaking traditional molds, it felt right that we support men being vulnerable and speaking out about their feelings & experiences. 

That's why we are proud to say that we've partnered with HeadsUpGuys, a great organization meant to be a leading supporter of men's mental health. We decided to donate 10% of profits from every order to this organization to support them on their quest to help men, and we will continue to donate forever.